Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FanDuel Won't Leave Me Alone

As you may know, I cleared out my FanDuel account of the funds after losing $21 last year, but left it active.  Seeing an empty account there, FanDuel gave me a free dollar twice and two "free rolls".  I lost every time.  I always play 50/50 games, where half the teams win and half lose.

Last week FanDuel gave me $2 to play and I won - finally. 

Along the way they have been giving me my 4% bonus, so you are looking at a guy with $4.08 in his FanDuel bank account as we speak.

But wait!  There's more!

I forgot that I had accrued my FanDuel points.  So this week, I have done the following:

Played a $2 football game
Played a $2 hoops game (which I know absolutely nothing about) for free

The free hoops game is because I was able to use my FanDuel points for that entry.

If I lose both, I will have $2 and change left in my account to likely lose next week.

Obviously I am hanging on with this because I like the technology and eventually I am hoping to get invited to the inevitable class action lawsuits so I can view the legal strategies when this whole thing is proven to be a giant scam.

In some of these leagues there are literally tens of thousands of players - there is no way you could keep track of them all.  It would be super easy to let the games play out and later in the day set up a new entry from the inside and win.  How would anyone know?

Add this thought to the fact that some employees were using inside information to profit, plus the feds getting into the action now and I think the end will be nigh.

But I am still entertained.

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Dan from Madison said...

I know less about hoops than I thought. Almost dead last in my contest! Won't be doing that again.