Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cubs Mets Series

I watched most of the Cubs-Mets series with great interest.  I have a few thoughts on it.

In general, post season baseball is regular baseball on crack.  So many substitutions.  So many pitching changes.  I much prefer the regular season, with the easy flow of the game, pitchers forced to work their way out of tough situations, warm weather, and all the rest.  The fans are different too.  Playoff baseball fans are obnoxious.  In playoff baseball, something simple like a single gets a deafening roar from the crowd, when during the regular season on a pleasant summer day the fans would simply stop their conversations for a second, give a few claps and get back to sipping beer or eating a hot dog.

The Cubs were completely outclassed in this series.  They remind me of a softball team.  Swing hard in case you hit it, as Hawk Harrelson says.  The Mets on the other hand combine strong pitching with an acute focus on the fundamentals of the game.

I was continually impressed how the Mets kept constant pressure on the Cubs and if there was just one slight error, the Mets would immediately penalize the Cubs.  A split second costs you a base.  An error costs you a run.  All of this adds up quickly.  In one game I counted five bases that the Cubs gave up either from incompetence or due to errors forced by the aggressive play of the Mets.  The Mets are a baseball team.  The Cubs are a bunch of hitters placed in a lineup.  The Mets throw leather.  The Cubs make errors and take awful chances in the field.  It was clear from the first game who was going to win the series.

And that pleases me greatly.  I used to be a White Sox fan from when I was a kid, but abandoned the team after the White Flag Trade.  Not being able to cheer for the Cubs the next closest team was the Brewers, who have been my team since.  I know.

TBS had interesting announcers.  I can do without the play by play guy (can't remember who it was and too lazy to look it up) but Ron Darling and Cal Ripken Jr. provided very insightful color commentary.

It was great watching the Mets take the Cubs to skool.  Maybe the young Cubs will learn something - maybe not.  All I know is that all of my Cub friends know...wait 'till next year.

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Gerry from Valpo said...

As a Sox fan watching for the entertainment of the game I was very pleased after watching all the games. Good baseball played by all until the much expected traditional Cubbie Choke. It came later than I anticipated. They are who I thought they were, the Chicago Cubs. Good riddance.

Cub fans are the biggest losers of all fans, always were, always will be, and curiously so damn proud of it.

Wait 'til next century.