Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bears Deafen Fans, Crowd Quiet

Dan and I attended the last Bears' home game against the Chiefs and for a variety of reasons, we were stone sober. Mostly because we had listened to the Rolling Stones with our good friend and Author of America 3.0 the night before. It was a beautiful day.

Being sober, we were continually annoyed by the super-loud announcements and music from the Bears PA system. It was frankly deafening. The crowd, by contrast, was totally dead. This was the complete opposite of Seattle that I visited as an "away" fan a couple of weeks prior, which was crazy loud but it was all crowd noise and occurred throughout the game. We complained a few times through the texting system to no avail.

I bought this sound meter and will take it to the next Bears' game and we can document how loud it is up in the cheap seats. Here is a simple list of common tasks / situations and how they link to decibels. My guess is that it will routinely go above 100 decibels in the cheap seats. We will see next time there is a home game (unless the confisticate it on the way into the stadium). I will tell them that it is an asthma inhaler or something ha ha.


Dan from Madison said...

The sound for that game was cranked up I don't care what anybody says. As I said, they were playing Metallica louder than at a Metallica concert.

You will easily be above 100db on many occasions.

Carl from Chicago said...

They really turned the sound down the following week. I will see how it is when I go to the Denver game this week.

Will keep bringing the sound meter until they take it away ha ha.