Saturday, September 05, 2015

Work Diversions and Improving Technology

For several reasons, I have been spending more time at work lately.  This is a short term phenomenon, as some of the work is seasonal but some was unexpectedly sent my way.  Anyways, I have been here before and this too shall pass.

Saturdays and Sundays when we are closed is the best time to get a ton of quality work done and out of the way.  To keep my sanity, I always have some sort of entertainment on in the background - typically XM radio's liquid metal.


'Tis now football season and I won't be missing any of that.  I subscribe to Dish since I live in the sticks and I am glad that I do.  I subscribe to a premium tier sports package, which means that I can basically watch any college football game that I want to at any time.  In addition, I bought the "Sling" for $50 a year or two ago, so my Dish subscription is extended to any device I own.  On top of that, and in cases like today, if your network is on Dish, you can usually use their online streaming service.

Last night the Illini were rained out so their game was pushed to today at 1pm.  There was no TV for the game.  However, the Big Ten Network is streaming the game live.  So the Sling doesn't help, but since I am a Dish subscriber (and Dish offers the BTN) you can use the BTN2Go app to watch the stream of the game.  This picture is my work computer which has a T1, but the app works just as well on your pad or phone.
The picture is slightly better than regular def but not quite as good as HD.  There are no pauses or hiccups or anything like that.  It is basically like watching TV.  I tried it on my phone with wifi and it was the same.

This is miles ahead of where we were just a year or two ago when many of these streaming services had just started.  Things were herky jerky and all over the place.  And this whole idea would have been unthinkable just five short years ago.


Carl from Chicago said...

Video streaming is an amazing technology.

What's sad is that we have huge amounts of bandwidth set aside for TV and no one is using it and everyone is switching over to watching via the internet... we should just take back that bandwidth and sell it off.

Dan from Madison said...

The tech is amazing but the speed at which it is improving is shocking.