Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gunstock Vlll

On Sunday a happy group of over twenty showed up at Gunstock Vlll to celebrate Peace, Love and The Second Amendment. God blessed us with a bright day of mild sunshine.

The usual suspects showed up and helped with the setup, takedown and chuck wagon duties. Over the course of eight hours we treated the over twenty guests to some gun fun down on the farm and a picnic. This time I sorted the images, refraining from publishing photos of attendees who are somewhat internets camera shy, and for good reason.

A few regular attendees failed to show due to previous commitments mainly due to my screw up with the date. I promise to communicate better next year.

Carl was out of town on business but Dan made it down from Madison. Peter from Libertyville deserves a shout for distance traveled. Carl's friend John and his nephew showed up but Carl's father couldn't make it this year. Harold, Don, Doug, Denny and the Bro were a big help with the set up and takedown work. We had plenty of newcomers too, as always.

Late in the day after the picnic was over my younger cousin showed up with his family and brought along a mom friend with her kids. All anxious for some newbie trigger time. What feels better than educating families to gun safety for the first time out on the farm? Just doing our part to make friends and spread the love.

Favorite t-shirts of the day go to Doug on the left and Peter on the right.

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