Friday, September 25, 2015

FanDuel Pushers

A few months ago I wrote about my experience with FanDuel. Since then a lot of analysis has been done on the site and if you are playing small time, you are going to lose your money, plain and simple. There are a few that are doing it for a living, however they are entering hundreds of times a week, and have created algorithms to find the best valued players. So, you (or me) picking your team based on emotion or a tiny bit of internet research is at a distinct disadvantage against the "whales" who are driving the site.

I cleaned out my FanDuel account last week. I lost a grand total of $21. I received a LOT of entertainment for that twenty one bucks, I will admit. It makes totally stupid games much more exciting, but it makes you sound like a total idiot when you are cheering for your opponents guys to get hurt, or for the quarterback to PLEASE hand off to your running back when the team is down by the goal line.

I did leave the account "active" however. Some work folks were talking about opening up a private league so I left it sitting with zero dollars.

But FanDuel learned a lot from street level drug pushers. Pushers give away samples to attempt to gain customers. In this vein (heh), I received an email from FanDuel yesterday. They funded my account with one dollar! Play this week or we will take it back they said. So sure, for free, I will play and attempt to parlay this dollar into something big.

 But that is going to fail eventually.  I will do my best and wait for the next free dollar, however.

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