Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Summary

When does summer end in the midwest?

Yesterday I saw my first school bus on its route and that does it for me. Plenty of summer weather is yet to come but we awoke this morning to a dry, chilled breeze with temps in the mid fifties. A sample of October. The summer season had a hard start with months of a wet damp lingering spring and I didn't mind.

Summer is nice and this one lacked that oppressive humidity and temps in the nineties. It was one without any heatwave, just the way I like it.

The summer began in early June for me with one of the best Ontario fishing trips of my life. The weather was perfect and big fish were plentiful.

Carl came out to The Country Bunker™ and visited twice, once on Independence day weekend when we went to the Kingsbury range for some quality trigger time. He liked the range so much he visited again a few weeks later with his father. Afterward we retired to the screen porch for some cheap, crappy summertime corn water.

As August drew near I jumped on an opportunity to change jobs managing yet another outdoor department and firearm desk at a retailer less than three miles from home. It was a rough start. Having no training on their A&D system made for a few frustrating gun sales. More accustomed to doing all the A&D, logging, NICS background checks and filing everything on paper I once wished for a computerized system. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

On top of that our store was mobbed with customers. It was similar to Black Friday crowds lasting for over a week and it made my orientation very frustrating, a baptism by fire. The reason for this is our area has been an underserved market for many retailers who have capitalized on this in the past decade and now it has a first class sporting goods store. As a town unconnected to other urban sprawl zones Valparaiso residents had to travel fifteen miles to Southlake Mall in Merillville for a wide variety of shopping opportunities. Located in an urban sprawl zone it is a hellish traffic area with miles of signals and congestion. Not to mention pickpockets, gang activity, car theft and other assorted lawlessness that thrives over there.

Customers are coming from all the local rural towns as well and some traveling from the west, closer that same awful mall. They tell me they hate going there. So do I.

My truck finally arrived and it is everything I wanted and nothing I didn't. Working less than three miles a day will keep the mileage down a lot. Still waiting for all the custom aftermarket goodies I ordered, should take a few more weeks.

Looking forward to the hunting season, trail cams have been set up at the farm and we are watching the activity. Some nice bucks have showed up and photos were posted here a few weeks ago. The bro went and built an elevated wooden structure for his deer stand. This is hunting in style. The tower provides concealment and protection from the elements especially if the the November freeze occurs as it has the past two years. I am calling it the "Goon Tower" similar to the towers guarding the camps housing prisoners of war in WWll. This fall not one Bambi will escape from our Stalag.

Soon we will be at the Bears Homo Opener against dreaded rivals the Green Bay Peckers along with hosting Gunstock, our annual blog get-togethers. Autumn is coming, so bring it on already.

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Dan from Madison said...

Outstanding. I am done with Summer, as well.