Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Optimal Gin and Tonic

Recently I wrote about service sector productivity... and my inability to get a Gin and Tonic the way I wanted.  Tonight I went to The Betty - a bar in Fulton Market - and got a first class gin and tonic!  It was like a build-a-Bear with some sort of bitters (the red eye-dropper), grapefruit (the other eye-dropper), custom tonic water, high class gin, a silver tray, and some sort of advanced stirring spoon.  It was $16 but it was quite a lot of fun.

Perhaps like Kramer I should do a coffee table book about my elusive quest for a correctly made gin and tonic...


Gerry from Valpo said...

My optimal gin & tonic

3oz Bombay Sapphire
1/64 tsp tonic
2 cocktail onions

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha nice recipe.