Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Of The Season

Nothing says Life In The Great Midwest better than the first picked sweet corn on the cob of the season. I live for this stuff.

Today I drove to our farm to check on the trail cams. Nothing on the cams so more bait was placed out in order to get some of the whitetails interested in a few summer scout season snapshots.

Here in Northwest Indiana there has been way too much rain especially about 20 miles to the south. A continuous pattern of rainy days for weeks falling on the same geographic area caused big problems. So much rain had fallen that our farm will be an estimated 80% loss for the year.

For two months the Kankakee River has been at flood stage. The farm is far enough away from the river but all the drainage ditches flow into that river. After crops sprouted they spent much of the time below water especially the low lying areas that there is no way for it to come back no matter what the weather.

Alfalfa is about the only crop on our farm worth a crap.

Driving along down and back I noticed many farms in very bad condition. What should be green as far as the eye can see is some green and a lot of yellow.

The local sweet corn is one of the many crops suffering. I drove to the farm on one route and back on another. My intent was to buy some fresh picked sweet corn. Nothing doing. Two farm stands had no local sweet corn and workers told me they did not know when they would be getting any.

Not one to give up I drove eight miles east of the country bunker to a classic local farm stand. The stand  structure sits on the farm where the produce is grown. It's called Coulter's and they live in a home fifty hards away from the stand is located. Today they had the gold. She told me they have been picking for three days and will have no problem offering 6 ears for $2 and 12 for $3.50 between now and the first frost. Northern LaPorte county seems to have been spared from the recent stalled weather pattern of localized downpours.

Looks like some of the mileage saved getting to and from the new job will go to my every-other-day sweet corn shuttle. It's well worth it.

Sweet corn is good cooked in the microwave and on the grill but my favorite is boiled, swimming in butter with copious amounts of salt drizzled on.

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