Friday, June 05, 2015


We have been waiting a long time for summer here in Chicago. My keyboard was accidentally set for "all caps" when I started writing that sentence and I was tempted to leave it because "yes, I'm shouting".

One of the best things to do in Chicago is to see a free concert at Millennium Park. This park is right by the "Bean" and they have classical concerts a couple of nights a week and then a new series of concerts that feature rock, dance, and everything else. Here is a link to the summer brochure in PDF. We saw an indie band with a singer who sounded like Karen O and a fun semi rasta dance band from the UK. Probably 90% of the audience hadn't heard of either band but people were having fun and dancing out on the lawn. A big group of college kids next to us shared shots of brown liquor out of plastic shot glasses and were having a great time.

Nothing says class like a fine picnic set. Now that I'm not drinking beer I used a fine gift from Dan to load up some gin and made myself a gin and tonic with some ice and diet tonic. Next time I'll bring in a bit of lime juice too (maybe I can find "single squirt" lime juice somewhere).


Jonathan said...

You're not drinking beer?

Carl from Chicago said...

No I am swearing off beer. Lost 35 pounds... still drinking just not beer.