Saturday, May 09, 2015

Payback Time Revisited

I'm officially a new member of the federal government's Social Security ponzi scheme. Wrote about it here.

Recent factual information emerged recently claiming the whole hustle may come crashing down sooner than we are led to believe. The authors claim SS will crash in 2033 when payroll taxes will only cover three quarters of the payout.

In 2033 we will be 78 years old if we last that long. Until then the nice folks at the SSA are encouraged to keep sending my checks to me, here at the Gerry From Valpo country retirement bunker.

Don't count on politicians of either party to fix this impending crash. Currently they're too busy figuring out how to give away a sizable portion of your money to illegal Mexicans.

If you become eligible sooner than 2033 here is a book you may want to read.

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