Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Crappy Beer Take Down

I highly recommend watching John Oliver on HBO with "Last Week Tonight". Warning he tends to use a bunch of NSFW terms in there I think it is part of his liberation from basic cable to HBO (kind of like when Howard St*rn first went to Sirius XM from terrestrial radio).

Rather than linking because the link will just get taken down in like ten seconds just go to you tube and type
"John Oliver Bud Light"
And go past the part about their advertising campaign and then go to the really funny stuff about how terrible Bud Light actually tastes. It is a send up on the "up for anything" campaign where once you drink a Bud Light a bunch of cool stuff happens to you that evening as part of an elaborate setup.

What happens is 3 guys at a bar absolutely refuse to drink a Bud Light if that's what's needed to be "up for anything" and then they go on and on with how terrible it tastes with increasingly grotesque and absurd references. Very very funny.

Editor's Note - I used to be able to drink Miller Light (a never ending source of disgust for Dan since it too, is vile) but now I've broken up with beer due to my diet so now I can "throw the first stone" so to speak ha ha).

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