Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Fun…With The Peeps!

Who Doesn't Like The Peeps?

Peeps are those cute gritty covered stale marshmallow edible critters that pop up during Easter week. As we all know Easter is about colored eggs and candy and bunnies and stuff. 

Hard to believe the booze marketing machine has yet to figure out how to turn Easter into a drinking party day like St. Paddy's Day, Halloween and just about every other holiday celebration. On Easter we're stuck with Peeps, and Cadbury Eggs and green cellophane grass in a straw basket. Corn water and vino get the day off.

Why didn't I think of this? A very inventive guy has decided to use Peeps as ballistics gel, a slick new way to measure bullet penetration. Coolshits. Here is his video test of Peeps vs. a .22LR bullet.


As if that wasn't enough how about using Peeps to video test the penetration of a 5.56x45 NATO bullet?

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Carl from Chicago said...

What's funny is that Dan sent me a photo of some Miller Lite in cans saying that I'd have to come up and drink the rest of the left over ones and I told him I'm trying to give up on beer and he should shoot them outside on his farm and record it in slo-mo.