Monday, April 20, 2015

Don't Suffer Through WiFi Dead Zones

 Recently I started working out with weights in my bedroom because it is a bit harder for me to get around.  Just like when I was a kid in the basement - you need some tunes to get you moving.  Nowadays instead of an expensive stereo system it is just some mobile device (my iPad) and a Jambox bluetooth speaker and you are ready to go with Sirius XM or Pandora or whatever.  Unfortunately my bedroom is pretty far away from the wireless router so my music was coming in intermittently which was annoying - as you can see below no one wants the immortal "Ace of Spades" to be fading in and out.

But everything is cheap on the internet now.  I just bought this WiFi range extender for $36 bucks on Amazon (you can see it plugged in on the upper left in the photo above) which just plugs in to a power socket and creates an extended network of your existing WiFi network with an "_EXT" after it.  While I only get a couple of MB up and down (my unit is 30 MB both ways near the main router) this is fine for listening to tunes especially since it can buffer shows on Sirius XM (when it isn't live).

Don't suffer through dead zones.  Buy a wireless range extender and then you don't have to curse your extended abode anymore.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Another way to do this is to have your iPad connect from the main room where wifi is good and then to bring your speaker into the room where you work out. Bluetooth actually has a pretty long range. The only negative is that you are stuck with whatever music is playing unless you walk across your house.