Monday, March 02, 2015

Rust Never Sleeps

And so it begins…another possible unnecessary run on retail ammunition. If this happens count on shortages, high prices, hoarding and black market resellers turning an obscene profit all over again.

If you missed it a recent claim being made by the BATF is that commercially available military equivalent of the 5.56x45 XM855 cartridge is capable of piercing stage 3 armored vests. Since some manufacturers  have been able to downsize the AR15 rifle into what is claimed to be a handgun size variant, this ammunition is considered to be deadly for law enforcement when confronting a hostile element possessing a weapon classified as a handgun capable of firing the XM855 cartridge.

They had to dig up previous language in some old legislation and compromise the definition of handgun to support an effort to mount yet another assault on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Misinformation is being pushed by both sides, sad to say. Here is an example of one gun blog that published inaccurate information. The money quote: "Obama is trying to justify the proposal by arguing that the M855 ball, the most widely used .233-caliber round, is “armor-piercing” and cannot be used in handguns, per the Gun Control Act of 1968 amended by Congress in 1986. He is also claiming that the ammunition in the AR-15 and similar rifles puts the lives of police officers at risk."

Huh? .223 or 5.56? Armor piercing? I'll to sort out the hype best I can.

For the uninformed but inquisitive, not all rifle cartridges for the AR15 are created equal. Here's a link to the differences between the .223 Remington and 5.56x45 NATO cartridges.

This weekend I went through my reserve and pulled out three different boxes of ammunition used in the AR15. The photos below represent only three different types of AR ammunition but there are many other factory cartridges available than what I am able to display here. In addition, there is a multitude of cartridge combinations used by hand loaders for competition sport shooting as well as for hunting. For the purposes of identifying ammunition the BATF wants to ban, the following four images should illustrate my point.

Photo #1) is PMC .223 Remington 55 grain FMJBT (Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail). Manufactured in South Korea, PMC offers ammunition available at retail for most handgun and rifle calibers. Generally this box of 20 retails for about $9-10. but the same box can be found as low as $6.99 or less when on sale or purchased in quantity. The FMJ means Full Metal Jacket. BT stands for Boat Tail, an abbreviation for the aerodynamic rear of the bullet head. This is commercially manufactured ammunition widely used for target practice. It is not military surplus. The specific round shown is not currently considered for the ban. It remains plentiful at retail for now.

Photo #2) is the Federal 5.56x45 55 grain FMJBT. The NATO military classification is XM183F. It differs from the PMC .223 Rem 55 grain FMJBT due to NATO specifications. In brief, it contains a slightly higher powder charge, a brass casing that is ever so slightly thicker and indistinguishably longer than the .223 Rem but the bullet head itself is identical. This may or may not be mil-surp, I do not know. Typically mil-surp is packaged in brown craft paper style boxes similar in appearance to a paper grocery sack. This specific round is not currently considered for the ban. 5.56 ammo is generally in short supply compared to .223 Rem at retail in my region.

Photo #3) is the PMC X-TAC 5.56x45 62 grain Green Tip-LAP (Light Armor Piercing). The NATO military classification is M855. Not much different in appearance from Photo #2 except for the green colored tip which is made of steel or hard metal alloy, another NATO spec. A 62 grain bullet head will perform differently from a 55 grain head shown above in Photos # 1 and #2 because the bullet is heavier. This is commercially manufactured ammunition, not mil-surp. Green tips are commonly offered at retail and at times on sale. That's why I bought a quantity some time ago at 6.99 per 20. This is THE cartridge the currently proposed ban is aimed at.

Photo #4 for purposes of comparison here's the 5.56x45 NATO 62 grain LAP cartridge with the common 7.62x51 NATO (.308 cabier) rifle cartridge for illustrate the size difference between these two calibers used by both the military and sportsmen alike. Which cartridge would most unsuspecting observers consider to be more lethal and able to pierce stage 3 body armor? Answer: both. The smaller one is subject of the current ban proposal the larger one is not. If it appears small in comparison that is because it is. No mention so far of banning the 7.62x51 NATO, .338 Lapua or .50BMG, all used by the military and civilian sportsmen alike. So far.

To compare any rifle cartridge caliber in terms of firepower and performance is relative. What is the target? How close is the muzzle to the target? Which round is better suited to hit targets that are 100 yards away vs. a target that is 300 yards away, 500 yards away? How much energy does the bullet retain once it reaches the target? How bulletproof are bulletproof vests and at what range are they effective? Does any of this matter? Here's a link to info on level 3 body armor.

Each of the three bullets in the above photos can penetrate level 3 body armor as will any high-power rifle round depending on circumstances. Level 3 body armor is intended to stop close range handgun caliber ammunition that travels under 1200 fps. No body armor in existance is impenetrable.

Here is something else to consider. Much of the 5.56x45 M855 LAP ammunition available at retail is repackaged military surplus, as much as 30%. Repackaged military surplus ammunition has an impact on the overall price of all ammunition sold at retail due to the volume it adds to the marketplace. Supply and demand. Taking mil-surp ammo off the market will eliminate a lot of ammunition from being sold at retail, thus creating a demand, raising the price therefore creating a shortage all over again. This trickles down to all ammunition calibers at retail when law abiding citizens become alarmed at any potential government ban.

If the gun grabbers are successful at banning one type of bullet where will it stop? They're now testing a new approach toward their total firearm ban goal. How will they define what bullet is more lethal than another? Which caliber and bullet head type is next? It doesn't matter. The anti's will stop at nothing, taking small bites until they devour the entire Second Amendment. This IS their ultimate goal and they will not give up, they will not sleep. Now more than ever it's time to Stand and Fight.

Mega outdoor retailer Cabela's is onboard among others helping spread the word on how to take action.

You can also go here to find out how you may help make a difference.

I did my part having already sent emails explaining my position. Indiana representatives and senators who received my emails have already responded with auto response. Flooding the congressional inbox works, this was proven two years ago fighting against rifle style, magazine capacity and universal background check legislation.

What matters is they are not only coming after our guns or coming after our bullets. They are coming after our basic American Constitutional rights, liberty and freedom. This is the beginning of a new backdoor style attack on all of our Constitutional rights with a tactic they have not tried before. If this tactic succeeds will they stop?

If you are not a member of the NRA please join now. No any other organization stands up for your Constitutional freedom and liberty more than the NRA. 

Here's a well written piece explaining the importance of this potential ban. "Whatever the motivation for this change might be, as the ATF attempts to define its way to a larger regulatory role over a constitutional right, it’s clearly time for Congress to clarify its legislation or risk being left meaningless. (The ATF has opened a public-comment period until March 16. Email to give your opinion.)"

Customers are already stopping by our store looking to purchase the potentially banned ammunition. Our store does not currently have M855 ammunition for sale but most other types of AR15 ammunition are in stock for now, subject to market demand.

We can be certain the usual suspects are behind this ongoing attack on personal freedom.


Carl from Chicago said...

This is another great post. Too bad the people that try to pass these pointless laws don't spend the time researching the issues that you spend on a post like this ha ha.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Didn't spend much time on this. Most of the information is common knowledge for ethical hunters and law-abiding firearm owners.

Watching and reading the anti-firearm compliant media spew incorrect information provides amusement for those of us who know the facts.

Sadly, those who do not know much swallow these outright liberal media lies that are a danger to our freedom and liberty.

That's why we must stand together and fight back : )