Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Great New Band

We don't put the band's real names in here because we don't want random traffic but it is called "Royal Blo&d" and they are great. They have one guitarist and one drummer and sound a lot like early Muse. As an accountant I am always partial to bands with fewer members because it is efficient - that many less members to split the loot with. I can't imagine how they figured out who got what with those Santana and Doobie Brothers bands from the 70's which seemed to have about 30 members and bongo drummers. They are coming to Wisconsin and Chicago and I will try to hit em' with Dan even if it is a school night.

Here they are live - amazing how many cool concerts are up in YouTube in high definition with great sound. Put this on the highest def for the best results.

Here is their newest video it is pretty ambitious at a time when videos are mostly boring and low-def. I like it.

And here is one for Dan... the best song ever (not as good as the original, but you can't top perfection).


Dan from Madison said...

Ha! Already saw them, they opened up for the Pixies when I saw there here in Madison last October. They reminded me of a turned up Local H.

Carl from Chicago said...

Doh I can't get ahead of Dan!

Turned up Local H is a high compliment.