Wednesday, March 04, 2015

From The Senator...

In response to my last entry one US Senator replied to my concern with an e-letter using his stationary letterhead. I was impressed. All others simply responded to me with an auto reply.

Senator Joe Donnely (D) must be very aware of the state he represents, as a democrat. The cautious wording in his reply tells me he understands the concerns resident voters of Indiana have toward The Second Amendment. For now you have my trust Joe. For now.

That said I noticed a subtle mixing of font styles and sizse used in the letter. My take is the letter is a patchwork of thoughts composed to meet a specific response to a similar issue. Someone must have typed it in without changing all text to one font. Call me a skeptic. Politicians have conditioned me in that regard.

Anyway I am satisfied with Indiana Senator Joe Donnely (D) and his response. Hopefully he will rise to the occasion when a vote on any Second Amendment legislation comes to the floor. We'll see.

Joe knows Hoosiers will vote him out next time if he fails to represent our values. Sure as sh!t.

Hoosiers are like that. Yeah. We are.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Nice of him to respond at least. He better be aware of issues like this being a senator from Indiana or like you said he won't be long for the office.