Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Drink Synchronicity

Dan and I have a regular theme of sending back photos of drink and glass synchronicity. Really there is no better example of synronicity than Kwak - the beer that comes with its own unique glass and wooden holder. I used to take the glass out every sip but you can't really set it down (it has a rounded bottom), but according to this thread maybe I'm just supposed to hold the handle and leave it in there.

A big trend in Chicago is the use of custom ice cubes in your drink; a big solid ice cube (especially a rounded one) will make your whiskey drink cool without watering it down. This is a drink of Old Tom Ransom Gin, which is a "prohibition" gin with different botanical flavors (try it some time).

Finally we had a recent trip to Reno and we were in Granola country over in California and they served this Montana beer and it fit right in with the local hippie vibe. Very rich hippies, that is.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Rich hippies. Haha. I like that one.

Carl from Chicago said...

They were rich hippies indeed. Would highly recommend heading out to Lake Tahoe some time there's lots to do there and the view is awesome.