Friday, January 30, 2015

My Waning Interest

In all my years past at least one SuperBowl team happened to be one that would draw my displeasure more than the other This would give me good enough reason to watch the game. If neither team appealed to me that's when I would find a way to dislike one more team than the other. After being at one SuperBowl and having watched each and every one since the very first missing one entire SuperBowl Sunday is no big whup.

Last week my work associate Paul approached me with an unusual offer. He knows my preference of being at home watching NFL football on Sundays to being at work. Since we alternate the Sunday shift between us he offered to give up his scheduled Sunday to me so I could stay home and watch the SuperBowl. A class guy made a very generous offer. Imagine his surprise when I thanked his generosity and turned his offer down without a second thought.

My partisan interest in making the time to watch the game in years past has been influenced by a jerk owner, a jerk star player, a geographic location or the residual effect of a past historical nature. This year is different because all of the above are in play. Both teams are equally nauseating to me and there is not one redeeming quality about either one I can think of. The last resort for gaining interest usually is to watch in favor of the NFC team. But Seattle is a team led by another questionable oafish coach and his most media visible players disgust me for too many reasons to count.

The upcoming Sunday will be like any other scheduled work day. Being SuperBowl Sunday I doubt I will even show one product at work. Few shoppers will be carousing the stores due to SuperBowl Sunday being the most celebrated unofficial American holiday. It will be a very quiet and comfortably boring work day. On top of that if the snow falls as predicted most retail stores should be a dead zone for customers.

The kickoff is at 5:30pm. My shift ends at 6pm and after securing all showcased products to the vault my departure will be about 6:30pm, meaning I should be home by 7pm.

What will I miss?

All the inflated NBC pre game fluff. Since the game is broadcast on NBC this is a guarantee there will be a plethora of gratuitous promotional ads for lame NBC prime time programming and appearances by contract personalities along with pre-recorded features disguised as ads. Count on typical NBC socially conscious content and with Bob Costas anywhere near the game on NBC this is a given. Wouldn't be surprised if Keith Olberman reared his larger than normal ugly head as well. The television can only take so many hits from my slipper before causing major damage to the screen.

Let's see how many socially relevant (to them) topics I am predicting may be shoved down the viewers throats by NBC before kickoff. Gay players, gun control, domestic violence, head injuries, racist team names, women's (insert concern here), breast awareness, inappropriate use of the N word by N players being penalized and many more issues directed toward changing the violent male dominated image of the NFL. The league will welcome this self flagellation in the interest of 'healing', 'inclusion' and 'tolerance'. NBC will most likely give time for Zero himself to spew his lying propaganda from the White House. All this is depressing nonsense I can do without.

I will also be missing the kickoff pageantry. That in itself is getting tired. I would honestly miss the sensational military aircraft flyover that always chokes me up, but that's about all I care about. There will be a live performance by some hot, hip pop culture band from the stadium parking lot. Go scratch, I want to watch football content not lame POP music performed before a standing crowd with their arms in the air. Inside the stadiumThe Star Spangled Banner will most likely be butchered by some tattooed and pierced pop culture celebrity skank during some improv folksy and soulful way followed by the obligatory pyrotechnics, none for me thanks.

What about the game itself? The first quarter or two of action will be worthless as usual. Nothing for me to see there either. I won't mind being fashionably late to this one.

Will I miss watching those famously overhyped broadcast commercials costing tens of millions? I hate commercials. Commercial breaks are my potty breaks. There is nor has there ever been a television commercial worth holding my bio break for - and is this being said by a 35 year veteran of advertising agencies (ret).

Why can't they just broadcast football content of interest to football fans, play the damn football game, give the winner a trophy and be done with it? Because the game has come to be about much more than the game itself in order to draw in more than the dedicated regular season mostly male football fans. It's about the ratings and ratings = more money to charge for ads. This is capitalism at it's best as well as it its worst.

What I will miss doing if I were home Sunday afternoon?

Frying chicken wings in my garage, a tradition going back a decade or so or whenever it was when the bro taught me the ultimate way to fry wings that are better than any I have ever eaten at any wing joint. Halftime is when I usually fry my wings while paying no attention to any halftime show. Halftime shows bore the crap out of me anyway since it has become a measure of how hip the NFL wants to project itself to a young audience it wants to grow. Katy Perry performs this year. Seems like a safe but boring event as it should be since I doubt she will drop her top or make some unexpected political statement. POP culture makes me nauseous as it is, why torture myself making the time to watch it?

Face it, the reason most non-football fan viewers watch the SuperBowl is so they will not feel left out of conversations at work the following day. Did you see that band on the pre game.…how about when that player spiked the…I liked that ad where the dog took a….

It could be it has come down to having outgrown the need to say "I watched it" just so I can fit in with the crowd at work the next day. Next year could be different. Having a mild interest in seeing one team win would do it. This year that just ain't happening. This is evidence I am simply a typical seasoned citizen growing old and tired of overhyped televised events. That stuff doesn't interest me anymore and I never thought I would live to see the day I would say that.

This Sunday night I will come home, light a fire, uncork a beverage, cook something TBD and settle down to watch what's left of the second half. By the time it is over, maybe sooner, it will be time to walk the dog, turn out the lights, activate the security system and head up to bed.

On Monday morning the sun will rise again and I can start thinking about the upcoming seasons I like best. The spring turkey hunting season. The fishing season. The 2015 Chicago Bears regular season. I'll be thinking mostly about the warmer seasons to come so I can enjoy being outside again.


Terry from Crown Point said...

Like Rush, You speak what I think. If you were off, I was going to suggest the farm and guns, but snow is forecast. So, I'm likely going to U Toob real people catching real fish in places where I like to reel 'em in. Oh, and a good fire. <*})))))><]

Carl from Chicago said...

Well at least Green Bay isn't playing.

Agreed that the game is massively overhyped and usually a let down.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Well, if Green Bay was in it that would at least give me the motivation to watch….and witness a New England blowout.

See how it works ; )