Friday, January 16, 2015

My 2015 Range Practice Punch List

If you are a Glockophobe you can turn back now and read no more. Nothing for you here.

The 2015 Shot Show takes place in Las Vegas beginning next Tuesday. This is an annual trade show serving the legal firearm industry playing mainly to manufacturers, distributors and retail buyers. Sure would like to go. It is open to the public, at least parts of it are. From what I have been told the NRA Annual Meeting I attended in Indy last spring has nothing on this expo. One day…maybe.

This is where all the big wholesale deals take place. From what I understand retail distributors and buyers cut their annual large lot purchasing deals with manufacturer reps in back rooms of select hotel locations. They play parlor games like,"if you want to buy X of these for $X you must also buy X of these at $X". Nothing out of the ordinary happens than at any other product trade expo. This is also is when and where manufacturers announce their hot new products.

Last year Glock released their Model 42, a Gen 4 single stack mini holding six shots of .380 and it has been a huge success. We sell every one we can get our hands on. Most customers want to at least handle it even if it is out of their price range. At $419 most hand will hand it back and then ask to take a look at those lovely 9mm Hi Points. 

One ex-mil NRA certified instructor I know owns a G42 and confided in me that to him this is currently the ultimate citizen daily carry and perfect backup for LEO's. Extremely accurate, very light and surprisingly ergonomic (for him and us big handed folks) with trademark Glock dependability. To me I believe I could train with this mini-Glock enough to master using it if needed.

This year the pre-SS expo buzz is Glock will be introducing another 9mm model, one that replicates the size and capacity of the 42. Not if but when I will be buying this is as soon as I can obtain one from my 40% discount source. IF rumor becomes reality. Should be a nice addition since my vault is currently void of representation by any 9mm handgun.

For AR fans here's a little taste of what Magpul plans on offering this year. Magpul makes the finest aftermarket products of their individual type for AR's and are famous for their highly affordable and very dependable hi-cap PMAGs. How about a 60 round drum mag for the AR platform? Yes, that's 60 rounds. Get 'em while they're still legal.

The only downside of a drum mag to me is the profile. It's a lot easier to stuff a number of loaded 30 or 40 round flat mags into pockets on my end of times rifle case than a few round ones. But this thing is so damn cute it's on my gotta have punch list. Ordering!

Back to the Glockers. While I don't own a 9mm G17, Magpul delights Glock owners with a new magazine that retails for less than half of a Glock factory mag. The music on this video alone is worth the watch.

It won't be long before Magpul starts cranking out more Glock mag goodness for the entire product line. To me and many others all aftermarket mags are crap. They may not be bad for cheap range fun but potentially worthless if your life depends on one. Built on their reputation for PMAGs this is more expected excellence from Magpul and great news for us Glockophiles.

Nothing less than Glockalicious : )

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Carl from Chicago said...

This is great. I will be looking for that 9mm Glock you mentioned. If it isn't coming out for a while I will get the other Glock then and work to figure out how to be at least a decent shot ha ha.