Monday, January 05, 2015

Here's The Real Poop On San Francisco

It's a crappy story.

San Francisco was a favorite business destination of mine.  It excited me whenever they gave me an assignment to travel there. I often thought how nice a place it was and could be even better if not for the people.

The city has always been a magnet for human debris and now they not only tolerate it their city government welcomes it and makes it comfortable for these substance abusers and assorted other motivationally incapable life forms to flock there and take up permanent residence on the street wherever they choose to flop.

In turn they get free meals, free medicine and carte blanche to panhandle and shoplift. San Francisco has become a taker's paradise.

Now there is a website that tracks (this is not a joke) where in San Francisco the most public human fecal matter has been recently reported. Watch your step.

This fine city was once a gem of history, culture, fine food and architecture. Now it has been reduced to a place famous for human poop on the sidewalks replacing that traditional San Francisco treat, Rice-A-Roni.

As Chicago has neighborhoods S.F. has districts. They have the Mission District, the Sunset District, the Marina District and the Richmond District. Perhaps they could conjure up a new district name. Skid Row may already be taken but how about the Skid Mark District?

With the recent acceptance of more and more panhandlers on the street and ever tolerant clueless politicians taking over the major American cities can Chicago be (pun intended) far behind?


Dan from Madison said...

I remember visiting Santa Monica beach many years ago (maybe with Carl?) and it was awesome - except the tons of dregs and homeless people that were allowed to pollute the area, and apparently they are the ones with "rights" just like in San Fran.

Carl from Chicago said...

Couldn't agree more that it makes no sense to allow the homeless people to take over the city.

They are awfully aggressive too. I think they feel like they own the place.