Thursday, January 22, 2015

FanDuel Season Analysis

In life, there are some things that most people don't really want to hear about.  Your diet and your fantasy team are two of those things.  With that in mind, I am going to put most of this (way too long) post under the fold to spare those that don't want to hear how I did this year playing FanDuel (which I wrote about here originally).

So, for the year, I lost $9.02.  When I say "for the year" I basically don't play much outside of football, since I don't really know hoops (more on this later).  I have to admit, for the amount of entertainment that I received, that $9.02 was well spent.

First off, I decided to play mostly 50/50 leagues.  This is my favorite type.  In a 50/50 league, half of the people win, and the other half lose (as a reminder, FanDuel keeps a 10% vig on all bets).

I was scared to play the "one on one" games, where you pick a random person and play them for all or nothing.  That guy with the moniker of "12budlights" could be some random Joe like me, or a guy who quit his job and is doing nothing but fleecing people off of FanDuel.  My thought was that if I was in a 50/50 league with at least some people, that at the very least 50-75% of them are normal joes and that gave me a fighting chance to succeed.  I also played some "tournaments" where the top few people win money.  I actually hit on a couple of these, but for the most part, lost.

Sometimes I spent a little extra time thinking about my choices instead of just filling up slots in my lineup and hoping, and those times actually paid off.  I can see how someone that really trolls the injury reports, weather conditions, and other tendencies could easily beat up guys like me that don't spend too much time on it and are playing for pure enjoyment.

As mentioned earlier, I quickly found out that I don't know crap about hoops.  I played a few times and did my usual "plug and play" strategy of not really caring and that got me killed.  I honestly don't know who 85% of NBA players are, as opposed to the NFL, where I at least know who most guys are (at least guys who you are picking for fantasy).

So, lets take a look at the results to this point.

1st entry - tournament format NFL - free - 3284 out of 4959, 33.8 percentile
2nd entry - 6 player tournament NFL - $2 - 3 out of six, 50 percentile, winnings $2.30
3rd entry - 6 player tournament NFL - $2 - 4 out of six, 33.3 percentile
4th entry - 10 player tournament NFL - $2 - 8 out of 10. 20 percentile
5th entry - 10 player tournament NFL - $2 - 10 out of 10, 0 percentile
6th entry - 40 player 50/50 league hoops - $2 - 29 out of 40, 27.5 percentile
7th entry - 40 player 50/50 league hoops - $2 - 21 out of 40, 47.5 percentile
8th entry - 11 player tournament NFL - $2 - 11 out of 11, 0 percentile
9th entry - 16 player tournament NFL - $2 - 2 out of 16, 87.5 percentile, winnings $8
10th entry - 11 player tournament NFL - $2 - 6 out of 11, 45.4 percentile
11th entry - 558 player tournament NFL - $2 - 473 out of 558, 15.2 percentile
12th entry - 10 player tournament NFL - $2 - 8 out of 10, 20 percentile
13th entry - 7 player tournament NFL - $2 - 5 out of 7, 28.6 percentile
14th entry - 20 player 50/50 league NFL - $2 - 7 out of 20, 65 percentile, winnings $3.60
15th entry - 20 player 50/50 league NFL - $2 - 19 out of 20, 5 percentile
16th entry - 80 player 50/50 league hoops - $2 - 54 out of 80, 32.5 percentile
17th entry - 50 player 50/50 league college football - $10 - 19 out of 50, 62 percentile, winnings $18
18th entry - 20 player 50/50 league NFL - $2 - 16 out of 20 - 20 percentile
19th entry - 80 player tournament hoops - $2 - 76 out of 80 - 5 percentile
20th entry - 100 player tournament NFL - $5 - 36 out of 100 - 64 percentile, winnings $9
21st entry - tournament format hoops - free - 2053 out of 6236, 67 percentile

I won five times out of 21 plays, as you can see.

I had abandoned hoops until last night, when they gave me a "free roll" - that is a $1 entry for free you see in the 21st entry.  I did surprisingly well in that one for spending literally 2 minutes on my lineup, and landed in the 67 percentile. 
Too bad for me, in this tournament, only the top 10 percent win.  I was still happy with my results.  Goddamned Tyson Chandler let me down big time.  I bet he hears that a lot (heh!).
It was extremely entertaining to watch the NFL on RedZone and see the points update almost immediately after a rush, pass, touchdown or the like.  I also dropped that "big" $10 bet on some college bowl games and that was also fun to flip back and forth.

But I quickly learned that the times that I actually studied were the games I did the best in.  When I just didn't have time and pell mell slapped a lineup together, the results were predictably bad.

I recommend FanDuel and if you sign up you get 4% back on each bet (i.e. a $2 bet gets you $.08 credit win or lose) with one of their "codes" that you see at the end of their ads with their yokels saying they took $35 and won Sixty Thousand Dollars or some bullshit like that.

If you treat it like fun and keep the stakes low, it makes those insufferable late season football games between Cleveland and Tampa a bit more fun to watch.

I highly doubt I will play much again until baseball starts, and I am sure I will get killed in that as well, but for $2 I want to see how it works.  I predict that will be exponentially more boring than any other sport FanDuel has to offer and I will quickly abandon that.  I refuse to play hockey as that is a sport that I really used to be into but have abandoned.  NFL free agency is more interesting to me than any hockey game.

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