Sunday, December 07, 2014

Up in Smoke

This is the view of the smoke rising from the fireworks from the Bears game Thursday night vs. Dallas. We were late getting to the game because of the chaos due to protestors. We didn't miss much - the first quarter sucked and it was pretty much scoreless.

This picture sums it all up... a season "up in smoke".

It sucks because I started this season as a Bears fan with some hope because the offense did so well last year and I figured the defense had to get better. If the defense played a bit better and the offense played just as well, we seemed to be in a good spot.

But as always I was wrong as an optimist on Chicago sports. What sucked even harder is that Dan basically abandoned going to the games (who can blame him) and we haven't gotten the crew together with Gerry and Terry since the second home game. It isn't a lot of fun getting steamrolled.

Up in smoke...

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Gerry from Valpo said...

Ma Caskey should save the cost of pyrotechnics for when a competitive Bear team wins a title. Or when Cutler enters the NFL Hall of Fame. Whichever comes first.