Monday, October 06, 2014

Steel Panther and Judas Priest in Hammond, Indiana

Recently I saw Steel Panther and Judas Priest at a casino in Hammond, Indiana. This is the 40th anniversary of Judas Priest and they are touring to support a new album which is great because then they aren't just a nostalgia act.

In this photo you can see the trouble with metal. It is almost all dudes, with a few wives and girlfriends thrown in. Sometimes I watch Art Mann on TV (his stuff is on you tube too) and he always berates guys for not liking country music - he says that there are 4-5 women there for every guy and you have to like those odds. On the other hand, these metal fans never give up, and at least a few bedraggled souls will keep going until they leave this mortal coil.

Dan and I are big fans of Steel Panther but they are definitely an acquired taste. Everyone else I was with left after watching like a song but hey, it's their loss. Steel Panther used to be a Van Halen cover band but now they play originals and just amp up every cliche to 11. I find their stuff to be totally hilarious and they have great onstage banter and their videos and interviews are awesome. Plus they are pretty good musicians, too. Check em' out on the intertubes.

Judas Priest came on with the laser light show and sounded really good. They have a younger guitarist to replace one of the founders and he was full of energy and played a lot of the solos. They needed some youth because the band is in their 60's.

You can't have a Judas Priest show without Rob Halford on his motorcycle. He is getting a bit larger in the waist but still sounded great. He also was good with the crowd and everyone loved him. He really knows how to talk to and appreciate fans and people shouldn't forget that this is important, especially if you want to last 40 years in the business.

The aftermath. Cheap beer and cups everywhere. The Horseshoe in Hammond is a decent place to see a show except they had like one mens bathroom (it seemed) near the general admission section which is inadequate given the flow of alcohol through the place. At the end of the night after the show was over they got the cops and the staff to herd everyone out of the show area so they could clean up if was very funny we were herded out like cattle.

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