Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Still Get Real Letters

Gathering in a private remote rural environment to Celebrate Peace, Love and the Second Amendment© is easy for me to take for granted. Having the ability to do so is out of the reach of most Americans for many reasons, none of them good.

Once a year we open up our farm to share the Gunstock experience with others. Many years ago it was just a few hunters tuning up for the upcoming season during September. Then it grew when I invited friends from Chicago who legally owned firearms but had no place to practice with them. After joining this blog we opened it up to Carl and Dan and their relatives and friends.

Soon other close acquaintances of the bro who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights and enjoy a country cookout afterward helped Gunstock to grow to what it has become. This year was no exception.

The other day a letter addressed to me arrived in the mailbox. Yes, in the old school mailbox. The one that sits on top of a post near the road in front of The Country Bunker™. 

I am publishing this letter of thanks from this first time participant who brought along his boys for a first time shooting experience. It is the first time anyone has taken the time to send a thank you note. A handshake and a thanks is usually enough so it's kinda' special to me.

You're welcome fellas. It was a pleasure to have you there. See you back next year.

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Terry from Crown Point said...

Extraordinary. Reminds me of the respect, comraderie and politeness I experienced at this years NRA Annual Convention in Indy. Gunstock, good show.