Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Gunstock Vll

Another Gunstock has come and gone, I believe it was Gunstock Vll, seven years running as an official LITGM blog event and I would like to thank all who attended especially those who contributed in helping set up and take down.

Harold came early to dove hunt and then pitched in as well. Recent addition Don "The Sausage King" provided logistics, tools and spatula duty. Thanks fellas.

Carl came with a crew of seven including his pops as always, his buddy John and some young nephews learning to shoot for the first time. My cousin Mike showed up with his young son and they had a good time shooting .22LR's Both are new shooters.

I like to call Gunstock "A Celebration of Peace, Love and the Second Amendment" and this year we introduced even more young folks to the pleasure of safe, lawful firearm use.

Dan was in attendance this year and had one gun table all to himself. This boy has some collection and uses them all. No vault princesses in that arsenal.

Since i use the farm often I didn't shoot much at all instead using my time to direct traffic, pay attention and look out for everyone's safety. At the peak we had over two dozen participants.

I brought the crossbow for others to try. All were impressed with the accuracy and ease of use. This could be the year it puts some meat in my freezer.

The corn poles were a big hit. It's more interesting to shoot at reactive targets that present audio or visual results. In the past I stuck potatoes on the spikes but this year the corn was abundant so….we made popcorn.

This year I laid out two shooting land with tarps to the right of each. Since I am homeloading any spent brass is going into my recycle bins. The tarps worked well and would have worked better had the stiff wind not lifted them a few times.

The only brass left behind was some .22LR and a few stray casings we were unable to spot. In total I grabbed 810 9mm, 375 .40S&W and 132 .38spcl. In addition to all this once fired brass I now have thousands of casings to stuff over the dark winter months.

Thanks to all who attended and braved the brisk wind and late morning chill that showed up. Maybe next year we'll move it back to September.


Dan from Madison said...

Wonderful time at the farm, thanks as always for putting it on. My shoulder and wrist were pretty sore the next day, which means things went great.

Carl from Chicago said...

We had a great time and thanks for all the work that you and Terry put into the event.

Jonathan said...

Looks great.