Saturday, October 04, 2014

Ducks In A ROE

Because I am a sucker for a bargain this item caught my eye…and I can never have enough camo apparel.
When the Duck Dynasty program was new, fresh and hot and I was working at The World's Greatest Outfitter any merchandise emblazoned with anything Duck Dynasty flew out of the store. T-shirts, duck calls, apparel and even ammunition that were decorated with the visage of a family member or a logo were typical items making a profit for the Robertsons, Discovery Network and all the retailers that carried items. 

Soon items not related to duck hunting at all including pillows, bedsheets, air fresheners and just about anything possible that could have Duck Commander images had them. DD items were everywhere, even next to the beef jerky at the mini-marts. Hell, they may have a DD beef jerky product for all we know. A lot of people made a lot of money off this program, real American dream stuff. The timeliness of the program coinciding with a strong push by the anti Second Amendment and anti-hunting crowd. It brought this odd country way of life into many mainstream homes with youngsters. The charm of these wealthy bayou hunting lifestyle bumpkins and their strong family values provided a powerful contrast to the myths spread by political opportunists and in my opinion that is what made this program so successful. It also made the Robertsons political targets.

When I realized how powerful the Duck Dynasty property was during the Christmas season two years ago when customers who had never entered the store before were coming in to buy anything with Duck Commander or Duck Dynasty on it. I recall grandmothers with their granddaughters asking me where the duck calls were and if we carried one model in particular - The Uncle Si. It came packaged along with his trademark sweet tea cup. The Uncle Si call was by far the most popular and that shelf peg was usually empty.

There were many styles of duck calls being sold by Duck Commander some using cast members as sub-branded calls. The Duck Commander brand of calls were not the top choice among true waterfowl hunters some paying upward of $200 for calls manufactured by names unknown to the general population like the sought after "Zink" brand of calls. Granny and the kid didn't care, they didn't even want to kill ducks, they just loved Uncle Si and the program concept. I bet a lot of parents wanted to cram those calls down Willie Robinson's throat on that Christmas afternoon. QUACK!

Last week I was doing markdowns on hunting items in our store that were not selling and there it was on the sheet - a Duck Dynasty Realtree Camo Hoodie that once sold for $49. and was being mark down once again, this time to $4.97. I and a few other coworkers snapped them up at that bargain price. Never would have paid the full retail of $49.99 or any of the other previous markdown prices.

Thanks for the bargain basement hoodie sweatshirt Willie. You made millions and I got a deal. It may say Duck Dynasty on the front but I doubt if the deer will ever notice it on me sitting 17' high in my tree stand.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha great photos per usual. Those DD guys were fantastic marketers. Like everything it shoots to the moon and then back down to earth.