Friday, September 12, 2014

What Happened to Summer?

I usually pay pretty close attention to fall weather because a nice day in the fall makes a Bears game a lot of fun, while a cold windy day can be downright miserable. But in my head "fall" doesn't start until October - it certainly doesn't begin in early September.

Have Riot Fest coming up - a "Lollapalooza" style fest but in Humboldt Park and cheaper - and damn if I don't have to probably wear my winter coat or like 100 layers as it gets into the high 40's and rainy. WTF it is supposed to be summer now, not even fall.

I had to put up a post that says "summer" to me which is this perfect beer / glass synchronicity of a Kolsch beer (I need the Motorhead style umlaut but am too lazy to look up how to do it) from sitting outside in California at a fantastic beer pub earlier this year. At least I know someone in the HVAC industry who is going to be killing it as the weather abruptly switches from hot to cold and everything starts up and breaks down.


Dan from Madison said...

Ye$ that is correct!

Gerry from Valpo said...

Global warming news courtesy of The Neversummer Country Bunker…