Sunday, September 07, 2014

Toad Away Again

Can't tell what this little beast is. Frog or toad?

Here is a toad.

The appearance of those little sucker toes tells me it is a tree frog. Late last night after walking the dog we found him stuck to the masonry.

When mowing the damp lawn this summer I've seen many little toads scamper away from the wheels of my approaching John Deere. I do my best to stop or avoid them because these are critter friends that eat bugs. But no doubt I have scrambled a few without knowing. In 21 years we have never have seen so many toads and frogs on the property.

Speaking of bugs the insects especially mosquitos have been very thick this year. Last week while patching a dead spot with some sod a cloud of skeeters circled my head searching for that one centimeter of skin the DEET spray missed. They were so thick I inhaled a few and had to swallow them.

We have recorded over 27" of rain since Mother's Day when I set out the remote rain gauge. We have been calling this the summer of no brown grass since the rain has kept it so green and weed free. Another term is the summer that never happened.

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