Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"The Replacements" on Jimmy Fallon

One of my favorite bands ever is The Replacements. Their run of albums was great and they kind of morphed into Paul Westerberg's solo career at the end and then faded from consciousness as their guitarists Stinton (dead) and Dunlap (sick) fell off the map. They spawned one of my favorite obscure bands "Bash and Pop" and I also liked their drummer Chris Mars' album "75% Less Fat", a sly commentary on going solo from a 4 piece band.

But the Replacements came together for Riot Fest last year and I missed them. I kicked myself in the rear end for doing so. Some day I am going to see them even if I have to travel.

What a great song. And they have so many more.

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Jonathan said...

That's a really good picture.