Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fun Video

I like a show called "Epic, Awesome Videos" on Palladium the HD cable channel. I usually just fast forward through it (the show is 3 hours long) and occasionally something catches my eye.

This is a fun video by a singer named "Kiesza" who is Canadian per Wikipedia (remember when people thought Wikipedia was unreliable and there was a debate on its future? seems so long ago) and it is pretty family friendly.

The most interesting part is that it appears to be done in a single "take". At one point a skateboarder goes by through the set and you can see them standing on a taped up "x" on the sidewalk that must have been the mark. In any case I think they put a lot of effort and thought into this for few dollars so good for them. I guess this is in Brooklyn.

1 comment:

Sk8 said...

She's pretty hot, and 1 continuous shot is impressive these days.