Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CHGO DSGN at the Cultural Center

On Saturday I visited the "CHGO DSGN" exhibit on Chicago Designers at the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan Avenue. It was a great show (and free) and recommended. Even if you don't like this so much there are other good installations there, as well.

It wasn't a designed object per se but I thought that the pictures of the 100 or so designers who contributed to the show was very interesting. They put five of them in a frame holding in interesting poses but then they built continuity by having the edge person on every frame partially represented on the next frame. For me this was the coolest part of the show!

I do miss books and they had a cool bookshelf along with various logos and graphical elements that were interesting. This is one of the installations and frankly my iPhone photo doesn't do it justice (a bit blurry). There were better pictures at the web site that I linked to at the top of the post.

I am trying to get out and see something new each weekend before the miserable weather sets in and so hopefully we will have more posts like this in the future.

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Yes, please.
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