Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Sprinkling Of Seasonal Seasonings

Trees are beginning to shift color in the woods here at The Country Bunker™. I live for this time of year.

The bro and his friends have been enjoying a fabulous mourning dove season at the farm, probably the best in years. I am not a big fan of eating dove but will give it another try when he cooks some up as appetizers for the Bears v. Packers tailgate next Sunday.

For two months I have been actively scouting the woods at the farm for whitetail. The trail cams have captured many images but nothing spectacular. It is the usual does, fawns, raccoons and squirrels.

Coyotes have passed through too.

Lots of tracks at the farm. Activity is increasing and movement is at all hours so this is good news for now. Doe track on the right, buck track on the left.

When the corn and beans come down then the leaves fall all bets are off. I now have two treestands. Still figuring out exactly where to position them for optimum shooting opportunities. Maybe next week. All said I have been scouting and feeding since early August, far earlier than ever.

The Indiana DNR offers a whitetail bundle license which allows me to take three whitetails, two antlerless and one antlered deer total beginning with archery on October first. I will be pleased to take one. On November fifteenth firearms season begins for two weeks of long range firepower opportunities. Then a special muzzleloader season takes over and finally a late season archery final try. By having a crossbow for the first time my entire season now runs for a full three months. At $65 the bundle license is a bargain compared to neighboring states. My whitetail season will be interrupted by a four day waterfowl experience down at Nestor's southwestern Illinois duck and goose paradise so this hunting season is all planned out.

Yesterday I split wood. Lotsa wood. Renting a log splitter made fast work out of up to 30" wide wild cherry logs from a tree cut down across the road. Wild cherry wood is the very best fireplace wood there is. Had over 24 to split. It took four hours and even with the power splitter my old body needs a Sunday rest. Monday it's time to stack and cover that wood when I rebuild the old woodpile that was damaged by a falling limb in a severe thunderstorm last November.

Today I have a rare Sunday off. Since I worked my ass off Saturday splitting a crapload of wood my treat today is to sit back and watch some NFL Football. Looks like Green Bay v. Detroit on FOX to start out.

The Bears are on tomorrow night but it doesn't matter. I will watch today's pre game show on Fox and whatever games they broadcast out my way because I love the game for what it once was and glimpses of it are still there if one looks closely.

Go Bears.


Dan from Madison said...

I don't think I have ever had dove. Looking forward to it on Sunday!

Carl from Chicago said...

Yes thanks for hunting and we get to try out whatever you've killed at Bears' games and at Gunstock!

Mavis Wanczyk said...
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