Thursday, September 11, 2014

A great song and video... Phantogr*m

I've heard this song a lot of times on Sirius and I really like it. The band appeared on Guitar Center Sessions and the performance was epic (even with a lot of sampling). This girl could turn out to be like Shirley Manson back in the day... Note that the Guitar Center Sessions link died so I replaced it with another one. She is hotter in the Guitar Center one but oh well.


Dan from Madison said...

The Guitar Center Sessions is awesome. Megadeth and Social Distortion were awesome on it. This video is good too.

Carl from Chicago said...

Those shows are probably great on your mega TV. I try to watch any band that has even one good song.

Look for the Alice in Chains one they did some good metal and some good acoustic mixes.

But agreed best ever a tie between Social Distortion and Megadth. Social Distortion had more good songs but "Symphony for Destruction" was the best single song I've seen at all on the program.

Sk8 said...

This is a pretty good performance