Friday, August 15, 2014

Grilling For One

It's been a boring summer here at the Country Bunker Bar & Grill since she has gone on a liquid diet.

Her two per day health shakes and daily exercise is to be commended. Sweets and desserts were her weakness and it showed. She even bought a special blender that chops up nuts and fruit rinds into a foamy yogurt slop. It's hard to argue staying slim and fit in old age but it leaves me with a conundrum.

What can I grill for myself? It is summer and it's enjoyable to remain outdoors each evening with the perfect weather we've had. I must have flame cooked food or I will die.

Favorite BBQ and grilling masterpieces have been off the list. Ribs, pulled pork and my favorites are a no go. It's been a one man show on the deck with the Weber.

The favorite slow cooking selections can be made but only when others are over so leftovers are kept to a minimum. It's been a rotation between grilling a single chicken breast sandwich, brined pork chop, brat, sausage or the humble burger. While they may be simple foods but I can honestly say they are by far the best tasting simple single serving grilled foods I can make. It has been a challenge and one I have overcome by necessity.

I tried using the Smokey Joe at first and it's fine in a pinch or for tailgates but controlling the fire so it is just right is difficult. The solution is using the full size Weber and building a very small fire on one side. When the flame gets too hot the grill can be spun away from the heat source to calm down the flames if necessary. I have discovered that grilling is all in the timing. Why does this seem so new to me? It's confounded me due to one single item on the grill.

For years grilling has been more of a challenge than BBQ but through necessity I have learned the trick. Four minutes over a hot flame on each side and two minutes off the flame to rest. It's all juicy, tender and well seasoned and damn it does taste great. The cover is only used to extinguish the fire. BadaBing!

I do miss my slow cooked summertime BBQ so. I miss the scent of hardwood smoke wafting in the gentle summer evening breeze. I miss everything about it. This cannot go on forever. She has to get tired of eating that smoothie slop but how can I ask her, "Would you please gain some weight already?"

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Terry from Crown Point said...

Knew I shoulda got you a Dick Butkus QUIK COOK Newspaper BBQ Grill years ago. No make no more.