Monday, August 25, 2014

Different Views of Fashion and Beauty

The supplement to the NY Times has a fashion magazine which is a large, thick magazine featuring hundreds of models with clothing of all types and shapes, and the naturally beautiful models to boot. And this is what they picked out FOR THE COVER:

All I could say was WTF? Her hair and makeup are intentionally messy and she is wearing what appears to be a shapeless drab winter coat. Of all the women in this magazine and all the fashion that was available, this was the "best" for the cover?

The answer is clearly yes, because I'm certain armies of editors and "experts" chose this cover carefully and sweated over every single photo shopped detail. This answer, however, is because THEIR idea of beauty and fashion is completely opposite from not just middle America but of most Americans anywhere. However, we aren't the audience for this magazine, so our opinions are utterly irrelevant.

I am still astonished that they could take such a beautiful woman and make the entire shot so unattractive. And to go further, this was one of the most attractive shots with this model (she appears to be wearing a shapeless sack in other photos). But obviously, it isn't aimed at me, so what the heck do I know.

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