Monday, July 14, 2014

World Cup Thoughts

From time to time I pass by Fado Irish Pub here in River North and they'll have the soccer (football) schedule up for games around the world. It is always good business for them because drinking and soccer go hand in hand for the die-hard fans that show up.

For the World Cup today they had a line out the door, a couple hours before the game. I don't know if those people got in or not, because they were only letting folks in when someone else leaves a table.

Like most bandwagon Americans, I have gotten into the World Cup a bit this year since the US team did pretty well and the spectacle in Brazil was compelling. FIFA as a governing body is just as shady as the Olympic Committee and even worse than the NCAA and they'll be paying for those stadiums for decades in Brazil.

Dan texted me to turn on the TV after the game to see the wives and girlfriends of the German footballers and they did not disappoint. Those guys are going to be complete heroes once they return to Germany and tell stories about the 2014 World Cup for decades just like the 1985 Bears, only on a country-wide scale.

It would be something if someday the USA all got involved in something that mattered, such as a world championship of NFL football or perhaps even basketball if we fielded a great team and serious competition emerged around the globe. The world baseball championship wasn't too compelling for me since I realized most of the MLB players don't even consider themselves playing for the USA which is kind of depressing in a meta sense.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Tried to watch. Didn't do anything for me. Maybe I didn't drink enough to stay awake.

Carl from Chicago said...

Should have texted you for the German footballer wives and girlfriends!


Dan from Madison said...

I am glad this is over although I did enjoy the babes on the field and I get off on watching losing fans cry (like the Argentinians). A good reporter would have had lots of shots of the Argentinian WAGS so we could compare but I think that German probably would have won that too. That is a pretty good analogy that the Germans will be national heroes a la the '85 Bears on a national level. But that hero worship will be much more short lived I think, as eventually when qualifying starts for the next World Cup the German fans will just migrate to the next team and expect them to do the same thing. A month and a half and real football starts and I can't wait.