Sunday, July 20, 2014

Still Not Missing Baseball... and now Less Music

This has been a strange summer for me with zero baseball. I haven't been to any White Sox games at all, and haven't seen the Cubs in a few years. I've been going to baseball games regularly for 20 years, so this is kind of a big deal.

It started with the fact that I couldn't find anyone to go in on any sort of White Sox package, and over the last few years it has been hard to even get anyone to go to the games. It felt like they were doing me a favor by attending, which was even more annoying.

When we were in Reno last year my friend Brian turned me on to the iPhone app "theScore". I set it up so that it sends me a note when a baseball game starts, and then every 3 innings until it is over. They are on my "lock screen" so they aren't emails that I never see or texts or anything like that. When I wake up in the morning I usually see a game that ended past midnight, more often than not a loss for the Sox and a blowout for the Cubs. I don't feel like I missed anything.

Perhaps I ought to be excited for that new guy who defected from Cuba and joined the Sox and is tearing it up with home runs. I should be, but can't really bring myself to care. He is a complete mercenary, a guy without even connections to the US in any form, so we pay him and he crushes the baseball. He doesn't speak english, has no link to any of us, but like Jerry Seinfeld said, we are "Rooting for Laundry" anyways, but this time I am just opting out.

On a parallel note the Heckler had a funny blurb that the US Government was using the Cell as a witness protection program since no one went there anyways. I can't even be bothered to look up their average attendance but know that it has to be abysmal with the horrendous weather we've had along with the long, endless games, usually ending in losses (hey, by the way, good job on trading your closer and not replacing him).

I don't think I'll be back to baseball for the foreseeable future, although anything can happen, and I'm willing to hop back on the bandwagon should it actually get exciting. But long, long games for little reward except for expensive corn-water is hard to think of as a positive, especially when no one else is happy to be there either.

As for music, I typically listen to my iPod while walking to work and back. But listening to the same, repetitive music and just tuning out everything around me is kind of a bore. I tried listening to Bloomberg but it is difficult because the broadcasts are only a couple of minutes long and then I need to fiddle with my iPhone. Maybe podcasts would be better. The hard part too is that listening is so much slooooower than reading. I can scan Bloomberg in seconds but it takes them 2 minutes to read a story I looked at in 10 seconds before the broadcast. I am just going to try to go cold turkey with that and look around me on the way to work and try to see something new, or vary my route. Lately I have been taking the bus a lot (trying to rest my feet) and on the bus you can also watch the near-misses with bicycles and other cars and the general mayhem of city traffic, which doesn't seem to get old.

Football is coming! That is actually something I am excited about. While baseball grows more irrelevant football is stepping it up, with faster action, crazier players, and more madness than ever. I am also optimistic about our Bears, and tune out the Illini because they are just awful. I have season tickets for Northwestern, and will try to go to some of their games because that stadium is like a high school stadium (probably a small one compared to some Texas towns) which just goes crazy when someone like Nebraska rolls into town. That excitement is somewhat tempered by the fact that they don't sell beer and I am not a Northwestern fan but hell, you can't have it all.

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Dan from Madison said...

Going to football games just for the love of the game is pretty refreshing. On some weekends I have even gone to some Division Three college games and when you have on rooting interest things are pretty enjoyable, just watching the spectacle of it all. I sort of have a soft spot for NW. Even though they are my arch rivals, that is likely the only program in NCAA Division One that actually follows the rules and insists that their players go to class and graduate (likely with a useful degree not bullshit like social studies and African studies). On top of that, NW doesn't have access to the top athletes since they follow admissions for the football team. Nobody does more with less than that school and it all started with Randy Walker (RIP). Walker used his HEAD and installed an insane spread offense that helped his team mitigate their obvious physical limitations against powerhouse teams and also devised extremely complex offensive and defensive systems that he knew only super smart kids could figure out - again, trying to capitalize on his kids smarts. And it worked.