Saturday, June 21, 2014

On Music

Dan and I were going back and forth about a certain terrible band that was played frequently on the dreaded "jukebox" over at the Adler Lot prominently featured at the most important site on the intertubes "Drunk Bear Fans". Here it is...

The band is "Firehouse" and I was under the mistaken assumption that it won a grammy over Nirvana for Nevermind, which of course is ridiculous.

Here is Dan's response - hilarious - since he actually bothers to "fact check" what he's talking about which is often more than I do....

Actually in 1992 REM's "Out of Time" beat Nevermind for the Alternative album of the year that is WORSE than Firehouse as that Out of Time album is terrible. (Carl's note - Dan is a big REM fan so this is notable that he hates that album)

Smells Like Teen Spirit was nominated in 1993 for best rock song but lost to Clapton's LAYLA remake hahaha.

Also in '93 Smells Like Teen Spirit lost Best Hard Rock performance to "Give it Away" by Red Hots - I guess that is legit as that song is still amazing.

In 1994 "In Utero" was nominated as best alternative rock performance but lost to U2 "Zooropa" another awful recording.

1995 - "All Apologies" (damn I hate that song) nominated for Best Rock Vocal Performance by Duo or Group, lost to Aerosmith for "Crazy" hahahaha.

1995 - "All Apologies" also nominated for best rock song, lost to Bruce Springsteen for "Streets of Philadelphia" hahahaha.

1996 finally won for "unplugged" in Best Alternative Music Performance category.

What a hilarious list of people to lose to and what a bunch of terrible music. (Carl - can't agree more)


Dan from Madison said...

Posts like this are why we make the big bucks from our income stream here at LITGM and elsewhere.

Dan from Madison said...

By the way look at this track listing for Out of Time:
1."Radio Song" (feat. KRS-One) – 4:12
2."Losing My Religion" – 4:26
3."Low" – 4:55
4."Near Wild Heaven" – 3:17
5."Endgame" – 3:48
6."Shiny Happy People" – 3:44
7."Belong" – 4:03
8."Half a World Away" – 3:26
9."Texarkana" – 3:36
10."Country Feedback" – 4:07
11."Me in Honey" – 4:06