Monday, June 30, 2014

Friend Or Fiend?

Remember 'the mood ring'? It was a fad in the 80's. It was a ring to be worn on a finger that changed color depending on one's mood or emotion. Or so they claimed.

When social media began I opted out of that concept without a second thought. None for me thanks. Since I like to add my thoughts and opinions on a blog that remains relatively anonymous (me too for the most part) why would I want to jump on the social media phenom and plaster everything about my personal life on the internets for all to see? If not all then at least the fiends that run the site? 

All the members of my immediate family are on Facebook. It's their choice. When I expressed my feelings about Facebook and the potential negative aspects it is capable of they look at me as if I had one eyeball. I'm behind the times they would taunt. Get with the future.

She often makes the statement,"I only allow my friends to see what I post so nobody else can see anything". Uh-huh. If so then you would also believe only your hard drive contains your personal email information and if the drive crashed it will all be lost forever.

It has been revealed that the corporate Facebook fiends have been targeting information they feed to users. Call me surprised. Now I am not a conspiracy nut, just the ultimate skeptic and feeding me information they want me to see and collecting my personal information was the intent from the beginning. What began as an innocent digital pathway for staying connected with so-called friends has turned onto an information gathering cabal of nefarious fiends with the intent of spoon-feeding the low information crowd only the information they want to spoon feed them.

Recently the Facebook corporate fiends have fine too far. They been accused of turning unsuspecting users of their product into cyberspace lab rats. Facebook fiends are manipulating users without their knowledge. Millions have stepped into their trap.

From CNN Money: "The study found that users that were shown more negative content were slightly more likely to produce negative posts. Users in the positive group responded with more upbeat posts. So it worked! Facebook was able to successfully change the emotional state of its users. While the mood changes were small, the researchers argued that the findings have major implications given the size and scale of the social network."

To me the reason many opt into Facebook is not too different from being in a high school popularity contest. How many friends can you collect? How many friends can you impress? For a juvenile I understand. For an adult it doesn't take a Facebook corporate fiend to discover your emotional state. 

As I stated earlier, none for me thanks.

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