Saturday, June 07, 2014

Ban Overturned

Yesterday here in Wisconsin, a (Jimmy Carter appointed) federal judge here in Dane County struck down the constitutional amendment that did not allow gay marriage.  Immediately the clerks offices here in Madison opened up for extended office hours and began the ceremonies.  Other counties did not follow suit, waiting for clarification.

The clarification is for the legal beagles to figure out.  Some say you can start the gay weddings now, some say not.  Of course the Dane County clerk doesn't really care and off we go.

Glad they had extended office hours when conceal carry was decriminalized.  Oh.

Me?  Well, gay marriage is something that I never really cared that much about.  Personally, I have no clue why the state is even involved in marriage, but that doesn't seem to be the point.  The gay marriage issue seems to me to be about the money.  Of course, outside of being married, you can leave your assets to anyone you choose, assign powers of attorney and health care to anyone you choose, etc. etc.  So to me, it is just about getting on someone's insurance?  Outside of that, I don't see why so much time and energy was wasted on the gay marriage deal.  In general, gays weren't persecuted, like most Muslim countries where they are beheaded or stoned or whatever.  So it is about insurance = money.  Is that really it?  Is it all about money?

That might be a bit cynical.  But that's me.

The constitutional amendment banning gay marriage passed 60% to 40%.  That is pretty overwhelming.  Now a judge overturns it.  So much for the power of the people.  But people need to be careful here.  Don't think that in the future, something else may be overturned.  Anyone that can afford a good attorney can play this game.

It seems that the end game is in sight for gay marriage and honestly, I am somewhat happy.  I am very tired of seeing gay pride marches, parades, and all the rest.  All of this should now end, no?

I don't care if anyone is gay.  Just do your deal and live your life like the rest of the non gay people.  I don't go around parading my sexuality for everyone to see.  It all seems so childish.

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