Thursday, May 08, 2014

Saving The Planet...

…one backstrap at a time.

It's been a long time since I documented any of my culinary experiments. Life has not been the same and that has much influence on how we cook here at the Country Bunker.

Both kids are gone, she's on her latest oddball diet and I am stuck with few options. Her choices are not mine. Eating what tastes like yard mulch hurts my gums.

Many of the things we prepared for family dinner are difficult to prepare for one or two individuals. Most of my grilling is done on the Smokey Joe these days because it makes no sense to fire up the larger ones for a small portion of luscious protein based animal flesh. On top of that using a smaller grill saves the planet and that's just the beginning.

I figure since the little grill allows me to burn much less fuel I do my part in saving the planet. If I eat less cattle I eliminate more cow farts so that saves the planet and makes it smell a lot nicer too. Considering that hand caught fish and wild game are healthy my effort to save the planet increases since I will live longer meaning I will spend more time on the planet to help save the planet. My meal portions are smaller so I am saving the planet due to less human waste entering our precious ecosystem. Finally I am driving to the grocery store less often and that proves I am saving the planet. Just where do I go to claim my carbon credit points Mr. Gore? If nobody is handing them out maybe you can send me a check for a paltry $100 per planet saving meal from your net worth of hundreds of millions. As sort of a, you know, recognition for changing my old nasty polluting ways. You benefit by helping eliminate that vast income inequality between me and you. Think of it as a teachable win-win moment!

Last night after spending the day dutifully selling legal firearms to law abiding citizens my first act was to thaw out some venison backstraps. She ate all the vegetables and potatoes the day before so there was nothing else in the home to prepare other than some of last years frozen venison. I discovered a few leftover strips of bacon, an excellent wrap for lean venison grilling since it helps keep it moist yet crispy.

After a walk in the woods the other day we are still without morel mushrooms but when with the temperatures rising the shrooms may soon pop. Eating wild free-range mushrooms saves the planet too since no trucks will be used to transport those evil farm raised mushrooms to market.

It was just me and Bambi for dinner last night. Maybe tomorrow I can invite Donald Duck over for dinner.  Saving the planet sure can be tasty, one backstrap at a time.

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Dan from Madison said...

Actually by living, you are consuming valuable resources that our children will need in the future!

More to the point, I have heard from the experts up here that this weekend will be the one for morels.