Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is That A Pencil In Your Pocket Or Are You...

Not long after entering the Indiana Convention Center on Saturday for my first NRA Annual Meeting experience one sign above caught my attention immediately. It is a highly recognized and world famous name brand.

Closer to the exhibit area we noticed a long line of attendees waiting for something. Free stuff would be a good guess but this was much better than that. It was a long line forming to meet R. Lee Ermey, Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, professional product spokesman for Glock.

Deciding not to wait an hour or so for a photo of me standing with the famous Gunny I settled for a few photos of him with others. The Gunny looked tired and not at all feisty. Guess I expected him to scream at someone to show him their war face just for atmosphere but that didn't happen. He didn't smile much when I was there but when someone stood for a photo he did his duty. Gunny looked bored too. Between films, television shows and personal appearances maybe he ain't getting in enough trigger time to make him happy.

We spent time at the Glock display examining the new Generation 4 models. There were some minor ergonomic revisions. Another claim is the recoil mechanism has been redesigned. All of that intended to please the finicky naysayers who claim it's too ugly, too thick, hard to grip, not made in USA waah waah waah. Not being an expert it all appeared to be the same product as the Gen 3 used buy over 60% of law enforcement professionals and suits my big paw just fine thankyouverymuch.

Then I saw what I went to this display to see. Glock recently released it's own Mini Me. The model 42 is a shrunken replica of the compact models chambered for .380ACP. Idn't it cute?

The most popular firearm category on the market today are small lightweight and preferably pocket size pistols chambered in .380 so it's no surprise Glock finally brought this model to the American market after selling it in Europe for a while. One indicator of how popular the little .380 is - IF you find .380 ammo it is likely to cost at least $1 more per box of 50 than the 9mm (FMJ's). I personally have sold more pocket size handguns than I can count especially to women, anyone with small hands and anyone who prefers highly concealable pocket-size protection.

When carrying while wearing summer weight shorts, a tank top and flip flops these are virtually undetectable and very comfortable. Offerings from Kel Tec, Ruger, S&W and Taurus are the most purchased in my personal sales experience with Ruger and S&W in a tie for tops. Many are coming to accept the concept that shot placement and control just might be more important than raw firepower.

The single stack Model 42 mag only holds six which keeps it from being too thick like its older brothers. If this little version were available years ago when I bought my Bersa there's no question I would have gone with the Glock and paid a lot more.

Yeah, I'm a Glock fan boy. So sue me.

My model 22 has consistently performed flawlessly for nine years. It was bought used for $475. The best part about buying a used Glock is it has already been through the break-in period with the ammunition having been paid for by someone else. Mine had some trigger work done and is frighteningly sensitive. Eventually I had tritium night sights added on. It has swallowed up and spit out anything and everything I ever put down its throat from the cheapest, dirtiest Wolf steel case cartridges to law enforcement grade hollow points with never a cough, burp or a fart ever and so damn easy to clean. Size is what makes it impossible for me to carry comfortably daily.

While I'm not about to rush out and buy that new Glock Model 42 this summer I sure would like to put one in the pocket of my summer shorts one day.


Dan from Madison said...

That is a nice looking pea shooter.

I never bash brands. I owned a HK once and it was a far better gun than I am a shooter - but we just didn't get along and I sold it. Same with Glocks.

Different people have different shaped hands and acquire sight pictures differently. Again, not a brand basher, just know what works for me.

I still want your dads old Smith .22, so if you could please put that in your will to me I would appreciate it ;).

Gerry from Valpo said...

At first that G22 was not easy for me to control. It didn't hit where I wanted it to go. It felt very strange. Were the sights adjusted wrong? WTF? Was it junk? One day I took it to the range with my bro-in-law and he embarrassingly outshot me using it. Pissed me off. I was ready to dump it.

Then took up on an offer to get some instruction from my professional law enforcement trainer/neighbor/friend and all that changed. It was my stance, grip, eyes on the sights and probably the wrong socks too. Seems I was doing everything all wrong. He worked with me and had me firing it left handed, around corners, from behind cover and even in the dark. Now it works just fine and it fits like a glove.

In the end it was me, not the tool.

Chris from Colorado said...

A Glock 42 is in my future, when they become available this summer. I have the 23, 36, and 29SF, all fine firearms.