Friday, April 25, 2014

Livin' In America

The farther I get from urban influences the more traditional free America I get to see. Here's a truck stopped in front of me the other day that deserved a photo.

He's got it all the bases covered. FOP sticker, Support The Troops, America's Heritage The Right To Bear Arms, Support Old Glory, Please Don't Text And Drive and The NRA's Stand And Fight sticker.

It's not often the NRA holds it's annual meeting in the Great Midwest. Host cities are usually chosen in strong Second Amendment supporting states in the south, mid-atlantic or western states. This weekend it will be in Indianapolis. A great honor for my home state.

What interested me most is this sticker, enlarged from my rather low-res iPhone image.

It's the classic image of John Wayne. The text reads "Now why in the HELL do I need to press 1 for English?

Damn good question Pilgrim.

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Terry from Crown Point said...

The NRA annual convention was a memorable experience. Everyone from attendees to exhibitors and show organizers were most polite and friendly. There was a heavy presence of respect for America and fellow like minded citizens.

From what I saw very few exhibitors were devoid of interest, and I didn't see magic chamois cloths or slap chops being hawked.