Sunday, April 27, 2014

Guilt. By Association.

Imagine walking into a cavernous public exhibition hall where tens of thousands of people are entering through multiple entrances at the same time.

Imagine a vast majority of the people entering are carrying concealed and some not so concealed loaded firearms.

Imagine no metal detectors. Imagine no security checkpoints. Imagine no armed security personnel and minimal uniformed police presence. Imagine all these people…living life in peace.

You may say I'm a dreamer. But I was not the only one.

We were all attending the 2014 National Rifle Association Annual Meeting and Expo. All 80,000+ of us. Most of us were armed to the teeth too. Considering all that it was the safest place to be in America on a sunny seventy degree picture postcard spring day in downtown Indianapolis.

Gun nuts? Psychopaths? Crazies? I didn't see any. All I saw were very well behaved law-abiding American citizens. Didn't see or hear about any incidents on the news afterward. If there was an incident the story would be broadcast for days through the mainstream media propaganda outlets. How disappointed they must be at the major network news headquarters based in those violent urban centers like Chicago, Washington D.C.  and New York City.

No alcohol was served near or in the event center. I saw very few smokers huddled outside. Protesters were non-existent. There was no sign of alcohol being consumed or visual evidence whatsoever that anyone had consumed liquor. None.

Imagine a Chicago Bears game where all the fans were excited to be there but behaved like Jehovah's Witnesses.

What I did see were hundreds of handguns sticking out of waistbands and strapped to waists. The only other place one would possibly see more people carrying loaded weapons in one place must be an active military battlefield installation. There were thousands of unloaded handguns, shotguns and rifles on display everywhere I turned. All were on display and all could be handled by anyone at anytime without any supervision whatsoever. Imagine.

This exhibit hall was huge and loaded with displays from all major manufacturers as well as the smaller ones. It made my head spin. I hate crowds but this one was worth putting up with. Not bumping into other attendees was impossible but nobody seemed to mind. Having been to more trade shows than I can count over the years this had to be the friendliest, most polite crowd of people I have ever encountered.

Here is a new NRA broadcast commercial message that played on monitors in the corridor. It directly addresses the $50,000,000 that some ultra-rich liberal east coast big city jackass named Bloomberg is spending to attack The Second Amendment through political interests. He's the same clown that tried to outlaw large soft drinks in Manhattan. Guess this self-proclaimed Mr. Wonderful thinks he's doing Gods work. Or something.

Yep, I crossed another life event off my list. If it had not occurred so close to home it would not have been likely. There are a few stories to tell and lots of photos to post. More to come in the following days.


Massachusetts firearms safety course said...

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Dan from Madison said...

Very cool. Looks like I need to go someday.

Dan from Madison said...

That spam up above is funny and I would normally delete that nonsense, but it serves a good purpose in this case.

I think we all saw how the fine disarmed and government dependent sheeple of Massachusetts did in times of trouble from the example of the empty streets in Boston last year while two teenagers with pea shooters kept a thousand cops at bay. Try that in Indiana or Texas.

Carl from Chicago said...

Or Florida. You are 100% correct that the media didn't report on it because there is nothing for them to sensationalize.

Also they mostly ignore ChiRaq... but that is a different story too.