Monday, March 31, 2014

Money and the High and Mighty Big Ten

I try to follow the (miserable) football news about my beloved Illinois Fighting Illini and today I stumbled upon this article on  It is really, really stupid (and shows how great the politicians in Illinois are at wasting money - but that is a different subject for a different day), but I read it anyway.

Most of the article is laughingly dumb, but here is the part that stuck out to me:
For starters, the Big Ten has made it clear that candidates must be part of the Association of American Universities to gain consideration. The only Illinois schools in the AAU right now are Illinois-Champaign, Northwestern and the University of Chicago, a founding member of the Big Ten that stopped competing in the league in 1939. 
This struck me as odd, so I took the liberty to launch a full out investigation that took approximately five seconds of my time (google) and found this page, that lists the current AAU members.  Among them are:

Michigan State
Ohio State
Penn State

That is 13 schools.  Anyone missing?  Beuller?  Beuller?

Well, I will give you the answer.  NEBRASKA.  That's right, Nebraska is not an AAU member.  So next time you hear the Big Ten getting all high and mighty about not wanting anymore teams that are not AAU members, lets just put an asterisk there and make a footnote that says "unless they bring a ton of ca$h to the conference".  Of course ESPN would never say something like this for fear of losing access, but I guess that is my job.


Carl from Chicago said...

Do they even employ fact checkers at ESPN? I guess a better question would be if they EVER employed fact checkers at ESPN.

Dan from Madison said...

I don't think that "fact checker" really matters. They are, I assume, all in cahoots in some way or another.

Dan from Madison said...

We had an anonymous commenter leave a comment that the spam filter killed. It said:

"Nebraska was an AAU member when they were invited to join the B1G."

This is true and I stand corrected.

So the B1G could toss them now, but I guess that is a different conversation at this point.