Saturday, March 08, 2014

I Hate Blogger

Now that I've switched over completely to MAC I am getting increasingly frustrated with Blogger. I don't like the fonts, the spacing, and the cumbersome way it works. The layouts aren't great (although Gerry does an awesome job with the title bar and his photos - thanks again for that) and even the gadget that shows recent comments doesn't work on my MAC.

Meanwhile the features that come "for free" with Word Press are amazing (at They have 2 factor authentication for security, new templates, features and analytics coming out all the time, and a cool split of categories and tags (rather than the single "label") which would allow us to do way more with the blog. For instance, we could tag all of our "recipe posts" and have a great cook book that contains Dan and Gerry's cooking. We could do this in Blogger too, I guess, but it seems like a pain.

I spent about 5 seconds looking at the web and found this article about the best places to blog in 2014. They like wordpress (both the DIY .org and the hosted .com) and then of course there is Tumblr. I don't know squat about Tumblr but Dan is learning a bit about them. One thing that this article mentioned is that likely at some point Google would link this blog in with Google+ which could also mean (I am only speculating and don't know anything) that someday users might need to sign in with that, as well. I don't have much interest in Google+ at all. Google probably kicks butt with advertising since they are an advertising power house but since we don't leverage ads here at the blog (and we are avoiding the 25 cents / month we'd make off them) we don't give a rats' ass.

I guess Facebook is setting up a blog-like function and it wasn't mentioned in the article above but LinkedIn is also starting to add some blog like features.

So... probably we'd just bite the bullet and move this whole thing over to It is free there and perhaps we might even go crazy and shell out $25 for a cool template ha ha. Dan and I both have other blogs over there and it seems cool with no problems.

Probably would start with the world's most important internet site and then this one next. Likely along the way I'd just axe most of our old posts except for the cooking ones and some other of the more special posts. I am talking about the ones before when Gerry joined us.


Jonathan said...

It seems like everyone initially tries to get the perfect look and feel, and then after a while you just want a blog platform that is simple to use and works without hassles.

TM Lutas said...

I've recently started trying to see if I can make a reasonable amount of beer money off of blogging. I make a bit better than a quarter a month and I'm building audience so it's going up slightly.

The big benefit is in writing more and maintaining a discipline of writing every day but building income out to the point where it becomes a legitimate part time income stream is a nice dream

Dan from Madison said...

Wordpress is fine and I like using it. Google for the most part is ignoring Blogger (wisely) but I think they are afraid to kill it for the bad press. I think that the few successful bloggers that use Blogger could get really noisy if that happened.

Eventually they will kill it though, and we will just move all of this crap to Wordpress. Something we should probably do sooner rather than later, but it is SO far down my list of things to do.

Anonymous said...

I went through this evaluation 5yrs ago and chose WP then and there. Didn't have chance to complain.
If more people change to WP my blogroll will be so much easier - I'd just "follow" them and read in the feed.

[and there would be no more hassle of identifying myself to Blogger in 15,000 clicks every single time I want to comment!]