Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Saddling Up For Another Year

New Year's Eve means nothing to me nor does New Year's Day other than it is simply another milepost, similar to a birthday. I was sleeping in bed last night by 10pm as usual, ball drop or no ball drop. Local fireworks woke me at midnight for about 15 seconds. New Year's Day does not cause me to reflect on the past year as much as it makes me think and plan on the next year coming. Here are a few personal thoughts, plans and wishes for the upcoming year. And not one phony resolution I am unable to keep.

Faith in my fellow traditional Americans is still high. While some misguided fools among us wish to revise and disrupt what made this nation the greatest in history it is my belief the folks have seen and experienced enough. Politically speaking I pray for a record turnout of like-minded tea party folks rushing the polls and throwing out all the bums from both parties into the street for past crimes against freedom and liberty. High optimism here. I refuse to allow the doomandgloom media to get me down. Our Constitution must prevail.

Unfortunately the economy will continue to stagnate and I just don't see it going any other way. While we are enjoying a record market run and our investments are doing quite nicely this market exuberance most likely will not continue. We will be watching closely and acting accordingly. As necessary. Sure am glad we weren't seduced into buying gold. Heh. Being debt free is the best financial freedom there is.

While I do not consider myself a prepper in the full sense of the term some aspects of prepping are underway here at the country bunker. Beans, bullets and band-aids folks. Keeping the powder dry. This isn't a lifestyle choice for me as some like to define it. It's my decision that being prepared is not to be taken lightly anymore. Generator, alternative heat, extra fuel, water and storing other provisions are in the works slow but sure. It's just common sense to prepare and doesn't need to be taken to extremes as some choose to do.

Signed up for a reloading class this month and am procuring the necessary hardware, something I finally decided not to put off any longer. Lights will be glowing in the garage during the upcoming dark months while pursuing my new hobby. I've perfected making my own home made bread, sausage, beer and pizza and fishing lures among other delights so I may as well start making my own home made bullets. More on that progress in the months to come.

Staying active and keep on working, that's my new way of life. It's not the working man's blues if one enjoys it. the The weight is down, I get plenty of rest and feel as healthy as ever. Hard to believe I have not had a cold or the flu in four years. That may be attributed to my recent lifestyle changes. Eating controlled portions, staying active, little alcohol on special occasions and modest exercise is working for me. Not riding a crowded commuter train and working in high rise office buildings every day could be another reason for avoiding the flu bug.

Just have to get out fishing more this year. Maybe some ice fishing. Old huntin' buddy Doug promised to call me when the big bluegill are biting through the ice at Willow Slough. Sure hope he waits till the temps rise a bit before he makes the call. He has a very nice heated portable shanty and that could be a lot of fun just to break the winter monotony.

Turkey hunting in early April. Southwestern Illinois. Gobble gobble, it's booked. So is the plan on grooming our farm to attract more whitetails. Food plots, maybe a feed station and planting a small apple orchard are in the planning stage.

I would also like to go out there and clean up some of the old outbuilding debris bit by bit when it warms some. Problem is what do I do with all that concrete crap and rusted cars? The faded barn wood I want for decorative applications. The rest I may burn in a large bonfire. Maybe hosting a cookout to draw in some physical assistance. All depends if I can make some time.

Canada in early June as always. It's already booked as well. Could this be the year I catch a nice muskie? Probably not but it will be enjoyable to be back there just the same.

This has got to be the year yellow perch come closer to shore on Lake Michigan. A few hers ago we could limit out in a few hours catching some real jumbos but the past two just sucked for all perch fishermen. It's still a mystery.

The annual Gunstock will be held in late September again. Hope you all can make it.

This is the year I begin chasing whitetails with a crossbow. I will be able to extend my deer season for an additional two months allowing me more time in the woods for success in 2014. Should be no excuses this year beginning October 1st.

Finally I turn 61 in May. As of today it is seventeen months before we collect Social Security and combined with investment payouts we will have a tidy guaranteed income. I finally will be financially secure for life if all hell doesn't break loose. But I will still be working to help keep me alive physically and mentally.

2014. Time to saddle up agin. Have a great year everyone.


Dan from Madison said...

"Problem is what do I do with all that concrete crap and rusted cars?"

Not sure how much it would be for the big stuff like cars and concrete, but renting a giant dumpster is surprising affordable. Basically they charge us by the ton - and drop off and pick up the dumpster at our site so we can fill it at our convenience. Just call 'em when it is full and it disappears. At our farm we inherited an enormous mess left by the previous farmer and bit by bit we are cleaning it up. I think two more dumpsters in the Spring and it will be over. Finally.

Carl from Chicago said...

That is a great post about resolutions. You do look good with all your weight loss now I'm the fattest blogger at LITGM ha ha.

Also if you work at a job that you enjoy that isn't much work at all.