Friday, December 20, 2013

The Last Onion (printed)

We are huge fans of the Onion.  For many years I've had a regular appointment on Thursdays when I have to wait around and I pick up an Onion to keep me entertained.

This is the last printed Onion.  They are going entirely online.  As expected they are going out in style with "Print revenues up 5000%" as the headline.

We wish the Onion nothing but love online but it is a bit sad for me.  As Dan would say "You're living in the past, man" that classic line from Seinfeld r/e a particular clown.

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Carl from Chicago said...

I did this post from my iPhone on the blogger application. It worked OK except there was a bunch of spaces on the bottom that I deleted.

At least my post on the past wasn't written on a tool of the past ha ha.