Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Will Google Kill Off Blogger?

I know this is now 2 posts about a topic no one cares about (blogging, and this blog in particular) but I saw a recent article in Wired about products that Google might kill off and they mentioned good old blogger (which this blog is written in).
Blogger: When created by Evan Williams in 1999, seven years before Williams co-founded Twitter, Blogger was bar none the easiest way to create and maintain a blog. But the world has moved on. Rival network Tumblr has social features that vastly outmatch Blogger’s, while WordPress is much easier to customize and has a robust development and design community supporting it. As with Google Groups, the only reason Google may want to keep Blogger around is to preserve the old content and avoid a PR backlash. But Google could easily put a freeze on new blogs and posts.
From my perspective I don't see a lot of new stuff coming out on blogger, and word press seems to keep on moving rapidly. I don't know squat about Tumblr and whether or not Yahoo has killed it yet but that is another competing platform.

Certainly there isn't a lot of exciting energy that Google is pouring into Blogger. It seems kind of dumb on their part because it is a way to create free content (for them) to pour into their network. I guess they are so vast in their scope and scale and have already indexed everything that they don't even care if it comes from them or someone else, but it seems like an easy way for them to make some more money.

Or maybe like Dan says all the time that this is just the best buggy whip around and everyone has already moved on to mobile and everything else that isn't a blog. But I'm not exactly sure about that because there seems to be a million sites already on word press and they are growing every day. Even though lots of firms / people / groups are already on Facebook and Twitter, they still seem to have a web presence, too.

I guess from our perspective it would probably not be that big of a deal to move this site (and another site) over to word press. it is free and we have lots of sites there already. I'm sure there would be some pieces that would be a pain in the rear to do like the photos and we might lose some old posts here and there but who cares, as long as we keep the recent and main ones. No one goes into the blog archives anyways.


Dan from Madison said...

I decided long ago that if Google ever dumped Blogger that I pretty much wouldn't cry one tear. Nothing we have here is worth anything besides the joy we get out of doing long form essays, taking photos and sharing our experiences.

That is worth something, but I can't remember the last time I looked at the archives. We would just move forward with a free wordpress blog or whatever.

Dan from Madison said...

However, you have a vocal minority of people who derive income from their blogs and who have archives that they may treasure. Google should just keep Blogger on life support to keep all the bad press off their backs.

Anonymous said...

As a reader/sometime commenter, I'd welcome your transition to WP (yes, I'm biased) - if only for ease of leaving comments there.
No captcha is required and WP remembers commenters once your 1st comment was approved by the blog author - no need to enter your info every time.

I ma not sure about Blogger-based archives, but I was able to import my LiveJournal's archive going back to 2005; the comments were lost, however, which is not pleasant - but all posts are there. And you can even inside-search by keywords as well as tags.

Carl from Chicago said...

Thanks and we appreciate the feedback.

Someday if Carl has a little time on his hands and feels crazy enough we may try doing that.